Split-Air Team at Lyon

Four members of the Split had given appointment to the Clément Ader museum located at Lyon Corbas. The occasion for us to prepare the after Alphajet and to discover also magnificent pieces of collection. The fact of being able to settle down in certain cockpits is a real plus and the visits are all commented, a real plus during a visit.

Recovered from the four corners of France, these aircraft are restored, exchanged and displayed at various events. A library is available with thousands of books, an improvised briefing room, the retraction/exit sequence of a Mirage F1 train and many other animations are available.

We would like to warmly thank the museum which opened its doors to us on Saturday, April 15, as well as all the people who shared their passion for the conservation and restoration of our flying heritage. Thanks to the team of volunteers we were able to take the few missing pictures of the Alphajet and to realize the bases for the continuation.

Stay Tuned !

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